Barn at Chesnut Springs Wedding | Luke and Eva


We loved our time with Eva and Luke at one of our favorite venues in the Smoky Mountains, the Barn at Chestnut Springs. It is full of charm and personality just like this couple! It is appropriate that their wedding would take place outside since they met deer trapping. Not your typical “first date,” Luke was a research technician and Eva was a volunteer assisting the weekend and they hit it off. After two years of a long distance relationship and a cross country adventure, here they are saying their “I dos” ready to explore life officially together from this day forward. One of my highlights of the day was observing Luke as he interacted with Eva. Luke has definitely learned how to showcase his adoration for his new bride and didn’t hold back with his care and protection over Eva. So sweet! Eva looked stunning in her gown and I loved the beautiful flowers full and pinks and greens. At the ceremony they even used a canvas in place of a unity candle pouring the pink and green paint colors used in their wedding on it. Such a neat idea! “Once in a lifetime love” are the words they used to describe what they have with one another! Eva mentioned how she knew very early on that what they had was worth holding on to. They are an excellent match! Eva is such a sincere and easy person to speak with. I was blown away by her kindness! She is also the first bride ever to stop by our studio two days after her wedding day to say goodbye to us, but that is so fitting with who she is! Kind, loyal and a person who loves to put others first, it’s easy to see why Luke is so smitten. We absolutely adore these two and know they will have many more adventures together! Especially in this new season as they are traveling across the country! So exciting! Here are some of my favorites from their special day! Enjoy!

p.s. We have a special treat for you at the end of the blog provided by: Todd Turpin- My Fav Vid.

barnatchesnutspringswedding002.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding003.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding004.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding006.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding005.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding007.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding008.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding009.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding011.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding012.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding013.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding014.jpgThe most precious first look
barnatchesnutspringswedding015.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding017.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding018.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding019.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding020.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding021.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding022.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding023.jpg
barnatchesnutspringswedding026.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding030.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding031.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding032.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding033.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding035.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding034.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding036.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding038.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding039.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding040.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding041.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding042.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding044.jpgThis is such a creative idea!barnatchesnutspringswedding045.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding046.jpgI love that Luke fist pumped his Dad.
barnatchesnutspringswedding047.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                        This little one was just TOO CUTE!
barnatchesnutspringswedding048.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding049.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding051.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding052.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding057.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding054.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding056.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding058.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding059.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding063.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding064.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding066.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding067.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding068.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding069.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding071.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding072.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding073.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding074.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding075.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding076.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding077.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding080.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding081.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding082.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding083.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding084.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding085.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding086.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding087.jpgHow cute!
barnatchesnutspringswedding088.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding089.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding090.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding091.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding092.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding094.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding095.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding096.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding098.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding099.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding100.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding101.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding102.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding103.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding104.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding106.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding107.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I adore this photo!
barnatchesnutspringswedding108.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding109.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding110.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding111.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding112.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding113.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding114.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding115.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding117.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding118.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding119.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding120.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding121.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding122.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding123.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding125.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding128.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding130.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding126.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding131.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding132.jpglisaprice_1634barnatchesnutspringswedding133.jpg barnatchesnutspringswedding134.jpgbarnatchesnutspringswedding138.jpg


Venue: The Barn at Chestnut Springs

Wedding Planner: Charlotte Canter

Catering: Bradfords Catered Events

Videographer: Todd Turpin- My Fav Vid

DJ/Entertainment: Smokey Mountain Sounds

Florist: From The Heart of Flowers and Gifts

Cake: Magpies Bakery

Dress Store: David’s Bridal 

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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  1. Eva

    The most important part of the wedding for me, besides marrying my best friend were the photos. I wanted someone to do the impossible, capture the love and magic of the day so perfectly that those that could not be there would be able to feel it and we could feel it through the photos for years after the day has passed. I wanted someone who I could trust to represent us and create images that were perfect for us. Thank you Lisa so very much for doing the impossible. Your work is astounding! I love these photos, i cant wait to ooh and ahh and fuss over them for years to come! And show them to everyone I meet! 😀


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